SEO Training in Karachi. SEO Urdu Training Course in Pakistan

Class 2 - 2nd Week (Duration: 3-Hour)

ایس.ای.او پریکٹیکل ٹریننگ کورس کلاس 2 ٹاپکس
ایس.ای.او پریکٹیکل ٹریننگ کورس کلاس 2 میں ایس.ای.او استاد آپکو ڈومین ، ھوسٹنگ ، سی پینل ، ایف ۔ ٹی ۔ پی ، ویب بلڈر ، بلاگ بنانا ، پوسٹنگ کرنا ، آرٹیکلز تبدیل کرنا سمیت دیگر اہم ضروری چیزیں سیکھائے گا۔

Class 2 Topics

  • 1- What is a Domain
    How to Choose Domain Name?
    How to Register Domain Name?
    How to Buy Domain?
    How to Get Free Domain?
    How to Configure & Set Up Name Server for Domain

  • 2- What is Web Hosting
    What is Web Hosting Service?
    How Much Space & Bandwidth You Need to Host Your Site?
    Choosing The Right Web Hosting Company
    How to Get Free Web Hosting?
    How to Use Hosting Control Panel
    How to Configure & Set Up Free Web Hosting

  • 3- Learn How To Make A Website
    How to Make / Create Your Website
    How to Build a Website
    How to Design a Website
    How to Get Free Website Templates
    What is File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
    How to Install FileZilla FTP Server
    How to Upload Your Website Using FTP

  • 4- Learn How to Start a Blog (Website)
    Introduction to Blogging - Blogging Tips for Beginners
    Complete Guide to Setting Up a Blog
    How to Start Create Your First Website Using Blogger
    How to Use & Add Widgets For Your Website or Blog
    How to Post, Label, Caption & Location on Blogger
    How to Spin Articles for Better Quality SEO

"Study & Training"

*What is Meta Tags
*Choose Keywords
*Use Keyword Tool
Class Duration: 2 hr

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"Study & Training"

*Webmaster Tools
*Submit Website S.E
*Use SEO Software
Class Duration: 2 hr

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SEO Training Course in Pakistan
SEO Training Course in Pakistan"Study & Training"

*On-Page SEO Tips
*On-Site Tutorial
*On-Page SEO Tools
Class Duration: 3 hr

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